Thursday, December 19, 2013

Crown Brush HD Set Review

Hello my lovely angels! I'm so sorry for being gone so long, right now I am staying in Houston and my laptop is currently getting fixed so I have to use my brother's computer. I have been so busy visiting with family members that I haven't had time to use the computer but during this time I have had time to test new products for you.


The crown HD cosmetic brush set with mirror, tweezers,and case are vegan friendly and perfect for applying high definition cosmetics: liquids, creams, and powder. The set contains six brushes which are made with high quality synthetic fiber.

The brushes in this set are a pro powder, tapered blush, deluxe contour, chisel shadow, crease blending and detail liner. The brushes are so soft and pick up the right amount of product. They apply effortlessly. Also you don't have to use high definition products if your like me and don't have any. These brushes make me feel like a covergirl.. not really but my makeup looks amazing!

My favorite brushes are everything except the powder brush. The pro powder brush is great but I always prefer a stippling brush if anything I wish that was included in this set. However, the brush is still good and this set is just awesome. I definitely must rate it a must have.

Always remember when it comes to apply makeup having the right tools is what helps you achieve that flawless/glamorous look. So brushes are definitely really important! This set is perfect for beginners or pros. Also did I mention that this set comes in three different colors? You can get it in white with blue bristles, purple or orange. This set retails for $27.95 and is on sale for $16.77.  For more information or just to look at the sets be sure to click here.

*Disclosure: This product was sent to me by iFabbo for reviewing purposes this is my honest opinion.