Friday, December 5, 2014

Rejuvenique by Monat Review

Hey everyone!!! I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Today I'm going to be reviewing a product I got from iFabbo, which is Rejuvenique by Monat. This product is an oil which can be used on both the skin and hair.

Here's some information from the box and a little pamphlet that came in the box:

" A Monat proprietary blend of unique botanical oils rich in rejuvenating vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that mimic the body's own natural oils, allowing for deeper, quicker and more complete absorption.

Intense oil activates enhance cellular activity and provide essential moisture to dramatically increase youthful hydration.

Provides essential moisture and helps enhance cellular renewal, improve collagen production, maintain elasticity and strengthen skin's natural regeneration."

"Rejuvenique is a non-greasy clincally proven formulation that promotes smooth and supple skin, aids in hydration and because it has a high fat content, it also replaces the body's own natural oils allowing for faster, deeper and more complete absorption. For the hair, it provides manageability, shine, moisture, protection against environmental influence. For the skin, it moisturizes and provides significant improvement to tone and texture. Once applied it protects both hair and skin from damage caused by harsh chemicals and heat appliances."

As for the packing its super simple as you can tell from the picture. I really do enjoy how sleek the product looks.

The product itself isn't oily it sort of feels like a primer would, its has a silicone feeling, but maybe that's just me. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this product because of the fact that its an oil and I have an oily have and acne prone skin, also I have oily hair, definitely not the ideal things to use an oil on. Anyway, in the winter months I do tend to get dry spots on my face and my hair sometimes becomes dry as well, so I figured it would be good for that purpose. It definitely helped relieve me of my dry spots on my face, let me just say I didn't use it on my entire face because like I mentioned early I have acne prone skin and I didn't want to risk causing a breakout, but I did get a pimple or two where I used this oil. As far as my hair goes, omg it just made it feel so much softer like it felt touchable, so I was happy with that!! However, I didn't see any difference in manageability, but my hair is wild nothing can tame it.  Also, let me just note that you can also use this on the body in replace of a lotion. I used this on my extremely dry hands and even used this on my boyfriend. I've mentioned before that he has excessive dry patches on his body and this definitely helped him a lot. I applied some to his arms in the morning and it kept him feel moisturized all day.

So my thoughts? I think this is a great product for relieving dryness. This product does have a steep price tag, $100. I know that's a lot but if you have extreme dry patches I would definitely look into this product it really does help a lot. I really can't vouch for the things its suppose to do since I would just do spot treatments or use it as a lotion, However, it really did nothing for my hair except help make it feel soft. If you would like to get more information on this product definitely check it out here.

P.S. Let me just apologize if this review seems kind of jumpy I've been really tired also I've had a death in the family so my mind is just all over the place. Once I'm feeling myself again I will edit this and add more info as I see fit. Thank you for your patience.  Have a wonderful evening.

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes.