Friday, June 6, 2014

Royal Elixir Face Serum Review

Hey my loves so first let me state how sorry I am for being m.i.a a lot of things have came up and right now I am without internet. So as you can imagine it is difficult to post stuff but since I am at my boyfriend's, I'm gonna take this opportunity to post a review!! I am going to be reviewing the Royal Elixir Face Serum by Perlier. I was given this wonderful opportunity by iFabbo and definitely jumped on this.

(Photo Credit: Perlier)

Let me just say one thing that I am a sucker for is packing and Perlier does it right!! Their packaging looks so elegant and just amazing it grabs your attention. When I got this product I didn't want to open the box, but when I did I wasn't disappointed with the product either it looked so pretty!

This Royal Elixir serum works like a lightweight moisturizer that doesn't leave you skin feeling tight, don't you just hate that feeling? You can use this instead of a moisturizer or use with. When I first was testing it out I used it underneath my moisturizer and it felt really refreshing. What I mean by that is my skin felt so soft!! When used on it's own it had my skin feeling the same way, but you definitely got a little bit of a "glow". This product does contain some shimmer but definitely not a lot to where you look like a vampire from Twilight.

This product absorbs quickly into your skin and it just feels so soft. It's not oily at all, which is perfect for anyone with oily skin, myself included. It does have a scent to it but it's very delightful it almost smells a little like honey.

So, overall I am loving this product and it does last a while all you need is one pump. This does cost $99, but let me tell you it's so worth it all you need is a little bit and you are good to go! You can check it out here if you are interested in it.