Friday, November 14, 2014

Hello Kitty40th Anniversary Pop Up Party Palette Review

Hey everyone! I am super excited for this review, like you have no idea!! Anyway, let me start by saying I have holiday palette fever, like most of you probably do! ;D As you guys know starting in September Ulta and Sephora start selling holiday palettes and sets. There are some that are exclusively for Ulta and some that are exclusively for Sephora.

This year there are a lot of amazing collections, however, the one I knew I had to have and was so excited for is the Hello Kitty Pop-up Party palette to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The reason I was so excited? Correct me if I'm wrong but that I know of this is the biggest Hello Kitty palette ever! The palette contains 20 eyeshadows, which is definitely something to be excited about if you are a Hello Kitty and makeup lover.

Here's the description of this palette off the Sephora Website:
"What it is:
A playful, 40th anniversary Hello Kitty eye shadow palette with 20 captivating neutral and bright shades. 

What it does:
Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty by exploring this exciting collection of eye shades—ranging from vibrant brights to gorgeous neutrals to fun metallics. A satin ruby-colored bow of the beloved cartoon character pulls the palette open to reveal 20 various textures, including matte and shimmering shadows, which are named after some of Hello Kitty’s favorite things. Mix and match this variety of velvety-soft and beautifully blendable shades and let your eyes pop in a hundred different ways—plus, you’ll want to lift the lid for a special, Hello Kitty 3D pop-up surprise. 

This set contains: 
- 20 x 0.035 oz Eye shadows in Happy (matte plum purple), Playdate (matte gray), Dear Daniel (shimmery bright blue), Milk (satin white cream), Celebrate (satin maroon), Supercute (satin royal lavender), Friendship (satin pink vanilla), Kitty-Chan (satin navy blue with rose gold sparkle), Apple Pie (satin peachy-pink), Bow (satin rosy pink), 1974 (matte blue-gray), Kawaii (satin mermaid green), The Original (satin rich brown), Hot Cocoa (matte taupe), Bright (shimmery champagne), Three Apples (satin medium green), Anniversary (matte black with green sparkle), Cookie (satin grey silver), Mimmy (satin sunshine yellow), Chocolate Chip (satin sun-kissed beige) 

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates 

What else you need to know:
Over the past 40 years, Hello Kitty has become one of the world’s most beloved figures. Celebrate her enduring legacy of friendship and happiness with the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection, exclusively at Sephora. Irresistibly luxe and quintessentially charming, this limited-edition collectible pays tribute to her 1974 origin, honoring the original icon."

The box of this palette is so cute!! It has lines of silver and white diamonds with gold, red and black lettering. A picture of Hello Kitty and apples on one side and on the other is a picture of a big red bow with balloons, and a cake. On the back of the box there is no description but there are bow-shaped pictures of the shadows with the names and a picture of Hello Kitty saying "Hello!" The list of ingredients can be found on the bottom of the box.

The palette itself is kind of similar  to the box. It has silver and white diamonds, the silver ones are sort of mirrored and in the corner you have a big red bow with Hello Kitty behind it and with balloons behind her. The back is basically like if yu are looking at it from behind, like you see her behind. Anyways The top of the palette has a magnetic closure and this is where the pop-up part i. Its super cute and I plan on eventually using this as decration. There's a little draw type thing that you can pull a bow to open it. This is where you'll find the eyeshadows and before I get into that lets discuss this packaging. As cute as it looks, it is super bulky, I would of preferred something a bit on the thin side. Also, having to pull on a bow? Seriously? I find this to be the most nerve wrecking thing ever! I'm scared the bow will eventually break after the many times of using it and the fact that you do have to use some force to open it definitely makes it a bit scary! Honestly I would of preferred this to just be a magnetic closure type palette.

So now onto the shadows! These eyeshadows definitely do bring justice to the theme of the palette which is "Party". These shadows are very sultry and dark, thinking "Party" or going out type shadows. There are a bit of neutral type shadows but I feel that these are more for using as transition shadows. I find it a bit difficult to use for a daytime look, but these would be fun to use with another palette. I love the colors that are in this palette it definitely is fun and different than the other palettes in my collection. The quality of these shadows are AMAZING! Just omg they are soooo good! They are so pigmented there is definitely no need for any sort of base, however, I do like to use my electric blue color tattoo with Anniversary I feel like it gives it more edge. They blend out beautifully and apply so smoothly. They are just so easy to work with. I will admit they are a bit dusty but just because they are so pigmented, so I would suggest doing your face makeup last.

(All swatches are applied directly to my arm with no primer or base underneath)

This palette is $52, I know that's quite a lot but omg its so worth it. I was scared I wasn't gonna like it cause when I bought it there was no palette to swatch or look at, I got the first one from my local Sephora. So you definitely are not paying just for cute packing, you are paying for amazing quality shadows. I'm so glad I bought this palette, I regret nothing. Would you guys buy this palette? What holiday palettes are on your wishlist or which do you have? There will be more reviews coming on other holiday sets/palette that range high-end to drugstore. I hope y'all stick around to see what I got and hear if its worth the money. Thank you so much for reading my post and I shall talk to y'all later! :) 

Friday, November 7, 2014

BH Cosmetics 6 Color Concealer and Corrector palette Review

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be reviewing the 6 Color Corrector and Concealer Palette from BH Cosmetics. These past months I've been really into concealers so I figured this would be a good product to try and add to my collection, since I have nothing like this.

This palette comes in a little black box that has pictures of the shades on the front and the shade you got it in. On the back is a description of the palette and it says: "This 6 color concealer/corrector palette contains 3 concealer shades and 3 corrector shades to help you create the perfect complexion, With endless options for coverage, its your secret weapon against flaws."

The palette itself is a little bigger than a credit card. It's so incredibly small and compact that is is perfect for travel or just throwing it in your purse. The palette doesn't contain a mirror so just be aware if you would take it on the go.

The colors in the palette depend on the shade you get. I got mine in medium so I have a light medium shade to a some-what deep medium shade. The light shade I find it perfect for highlighting. The other two medium shades I don't like them on their own, I always mix the shades together and it seems to suit my skin. The correcting shades come in a salmon/orange color, yellow, and green. The salmon/orange and yellow shades are to cover dark circles. I do love that they give you two colors to choose from because the salmon/orange shade looks horrible on me. The yellow one works perfect and definitely makes my dark circles disappear. The green shade is to correct red spots. I do use this on the daily to cover little red demons pimples on my face. The concealers are so creamy and it is hard to build up the cover without it looking cakey. I would HIGHLY recommend that if you have dry under eyes to stay away! It will make your dry patches noticeable. I would advise you to use your finger for application that is the easiest way to get an even application but for the green corrector shade you can use a brush or finger.

So, my final thoughts? I really do love this palette. It is apart of my daily routine. It is perfect if you're on a budget and want an actual concealer palette. I paid $4.95 but right now it is on sale for $5.95. Also it does last a good couple of hours, that's cause where I love it's extremely hot and humid and I sweat like crazy. So, it definitely does survive that and that makes me love it even more. I definitely do recommend this product to any beauty whether you are just starting out or you are looking for a concealer palette to add to your collection.