Monday, October 14, 2013

Living Dead Girl

Hey everyone I know I haven't posted in a while but I'm back with a Halloween tutorial! I'm super excited since this is my first one of the year. I have a lot more planned.

Products used on the eyes: 
  • Urban Decay Potion Primer
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
  • NYX Mellow Yellow
  • BH Cosmetics 88 Matte Palette: White, Olive, Yellow & Flesh Tone Color
  • Wet n Wild Liquid Eyeliner
  • Wet n Wild Eyeliner Pencil in Black
  • Beauty Treats Waterproof Mascara
Products used for the face:
  • Hard Candy Perfecting Primer
  • Fantasy Markers by Wet n Wild Painters Palette (Femme Fatale) : White & Black
  • BH Cosmetics 88 Matte Palette: Mint, Blue & Black
Products Used for the lips:
  • The Color Workshop Lip Liner in Red
  • Kat Von D Foiled Lipstick in FTW
Brushes Used:
  • Color Workshop Shadow Brush
  • Color Workshop Lip Liner
  • Color Workshop Foundation Brush
  • Elf Crease Brush
  • Elf "C" Brush
  • Soho Blending Brush
  • Elf Foundation Brush
Get The Look:
  • Apply your face primer before you start to apply your eye-shadow primer that way it would have sunken into your skin and your will be ready for you to apply your foundation. 
  • Apply an eyeshadow primer or if you don't have one apply a concealer and go over it with a bit of powder.
  • I first applied a white base on my lid.
  • So to start off with the eyeshadow I applied a white eyeshadow onto my lid.
  • Using a crease brush I applied an olive eyeshadow into the crease. Blending it out.
  • I then applied a yellow shadow on top of the olive shadow blending into it.
  • Now apply a highlight under the brows. I used a flesh tone eyeshadow.
  • Now for the fun part, I applied some lash glue over the lid and then applied green glitter once it became tacky.
  • I added some yellow onto the inner corner blending into the green.
  • I lined under my lower lash line with a black eyeliner pencil and went over it with a black shadow. Make sure to add a lot you want that raccoon look.
  • I lined my upper lid with a black liquid liner, tight lined using a black eyeliner pencil.
  • I applied a coat of my favorite mascaras.
  • Using a foundation brush I applied a white cream all over my face and neck.
  • I then applied a mint shadow all over my face and neck.
  • Using a blending brush I applied a blue shadow onto the hollows of my cheeks, along my hairline and along the sides of my nose. 
  • Using a black cream I began drawing lines under my eyes and all over my face.
  • Now line your lips and fill them in. I used a dark red lipstick and went around my lips with a black eyeliner and blended it out.