Thursday, October 11, 2012


I heard about Influenster through my friend. She had asked if I had heard of the site and wanted my opinion on it since I’m a beauty blogger. I’ve never heard of it and thought I would check it out. Well I went to the website and checked it out. I was amazed by it and signed up.

I’m glad that I signed up and it’s not because I receive free products but because I get to test products I've never tried and inform other people about them. As a blogger and a youtuber I feel that it’s my job to tell everyone which products would be worth their money and which aren't.  As well as introduce them to new items. As a beauty blogger I’m always on the lookout for new makeup, skincare items and hair products as well as other beauty bloggers.

Being a part of influenster is an amazing experience because I myself get to be an influence on other people and show them products they might be missing. If you haven’t joined this site already you should, especially if you want to be able to influence others. Trust me it’s worth it. :)

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