Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet Romantic Look

Products used on eyes:
  • Elf Eye-lid Primer
  • A white eyeliner
  • Elf Eye-shadow Quad "Drama" (White)
  • Santee Eye-shadow Pallet (Pink)
  • L.A Colors Liquid Eye Liner
  • White Eye Liner Pencil
  • Santee Mascara
Products used for the face:
  • Clean and Clear Moisturizer
  • True blend Mineral Powder
  • Color Workshop Peachy blush & Dark brown blush 
Brushes Used:
  • Elf  Eye-shadow brush 
  • Color Workshop Liner Brush
  • Mini Kabuki Brush
  • Elf Contour brush
  • Color workshop blush brush
  • Color Workshop Lip Brush
  • L.A Colors Hint
  • BH Cosmetics Lip Gloss 80s Diva
Get the look:
  • Apply an eye-shadow primer or if you don't have one apply a concealer and go over it with a bit of powder, in this case I've used the concealer and powder.
  • Apply a white base and blend over lid.
  • Using an eye-shadow Brush apply a white eye-shadow in the inner corner going half way on the lid.
  • Using the same brush apply a pink eye-shadow from half to the outer corner blending into the crease.
  • Apply a highlight.
  • Line your eyes, line the water line with a white eyeliner and add mascara.
  • For the face I just applied powder over the moisturizer that I applied earlier.
  • Taking a contour brush and blush darker than your skin tone begin to contour your face, place it at the hollows of your cheek, temples, both sides of your nose (optional) and along your jaw line. This of course if optional and it will make your face appear slimmer.
  • Now using your blush brush begin to apply blush to the apple of your cheeks.
  • Using a lip brush apply Hint or a dark pink to your lips going over it with a dark almost hot pink lip gloss.

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