Monday, March 11, 2013

Elf Beauty On The Go Compact

I've been eyeing this compact for a while and I finally got it for Christmas  I know there are like 10 different palettes for this compact. This particular palette came with two different palettes: one for daytime and one for night time. Altogether this is a 26 piece set: 20 eyeshadows, 4 lip glosses, 1 blush and 1 bronzer.

Top: Girl Next Door Bottom: Life of the Party

The palette for night time looks,Life of The Party, has bright and dark colors and 2 extremely shimmery eyeshadows that I think are perfect for an inner corner highlight. The other palette, Girl Next Door, contains neutral colors: Browns (both warm and cool tone) peach, gold and white. The eyeshadows in both of these palettes do contain shimmer, however, Girl Next Door has 4 matte eyeshadow and Life of the Party only contains 1. Looking at the eyeshadows they do look very chalky and cheap. The pigmentation does lack on it's own with some colors so be sure to use a base if you want to intensify the color. They are super easy to blend and you can achieve any look you want. If you never used any Elf eyeshadow you won't be disappointed with these I really do like these two palettes. 

The Life of the Party palette comes with a peach blush. It is absolutely my least favorite thing out of everything! When I apply it it looks like I didn't apply anything! I try to build up the color and still nothing. I know it's a peach blush but I have another one from the color workshop and I can just swipe it one once and there's a bit of color, so compared to that blush this elf one sucks! 

My favorite part of this set is the bronzer, it is just absolutely amazing! It's pigmented enough to give you a glowing look without getting out of hand and it's super easy to blend on your face. I just wished it was in the Life of the Party palette rather than the Girl Next Door one, but oh well. 

Top : Peach & Hot Pink Bottom: Red & Dark Red

The lip glosses from the Girl Next Door palette are a peach and hot pink color. The peach lacks in pigmentation when applied to your lips but it does have a bit of color. If you try to build up the color it just ends up looking really messy. The hot pink looks like it does in the pan just not as bold, it has excellent color payoff compared to the peach lip gloss.  The other two lip glosses in the Life of the part palette are a red with a pinkish tone and the other is a dark red. The first one when applied looks similar to the hot pink just a shade darker. The dark red one just looks red when applied but still perfect for a night out. These lip glosses aren't as sticky as most lip glosses are which is good. They don't stay on the lips long maybe for like an hour or less and they do transfer if your drinking or eating.

Overall I do like the idea of this product, you just snap a palette in the compact and go. However, I don't like that it only comes with one compact because the other one is out and sustainable to being damaged. I believe this set was $4 I think it is great for the price, I give it a rating of 7.5 out of 10. 

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