Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Milani Color Perfection Lipstick 2012

 I know I'm late with posting a review of these lipsticks since now Milani has brand new lipsticks coming out, but better late than never right? Anyway, let me start by saying I've been dying to try one of Milani's lipsticks, I've heard nothing but great things about them and the fact that my favorite youtube guru, Cora of VintageorTacky, used them had me wanting to buy one and I finally did. I got one of the lipsticks from last year's collection. There wasn't many to choose from at my local H-E-B, but I ended up getting Tiki-Tiki-Pink.

The color is absolutely gorgeous and is the perfect pink color that I've been looking for.It's such a girl  a rosey pink, it does contain some shimmer but it's not so overwhelming. Anyway, the packing of the lipstick is a peach tube with gold lettering. I will the admit the color of the tube is what drew my eye to the lipstick in the first place. The lipstick smells so pretty, it definitely won't bother you if you are picky with scents. It's so creamy and smooth and offers full coverage. It also make your lips look and feel so incredibly soft, however as the color starts fading it does feel like it's drying out your lips. 
The staying power of the lipstick on it's own is maybe an hour to an hour and a half, which is pretty good, but with a lip liner underneath it can last up to four hours. However, it does transfer off the lips if you are eating or drinking. I bought this lipstick for $3, since it was on sale. I think originally it's like $3 and some change, almost $4. If you've been wanting to try these out now is the perfect time to pick one up before you can't find them anymore.


  1. Eh, looks too frosty for my taste! The pink is pretty though. Though, I can't stand the feeling when lipsticks dry out my lips! They get all wrinkly n gross. :p

    1. I don't like that it drys out my lips but I really do love the color. :)

  2. The lipstick looks great:)Thanks for replying to my beautylish conversation...I followed you!

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