Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nikki's Magic Wand Review

Hello my loves today I'm going be reviewing Nikki's Magic Wand. This is definitely a unique product and is so desperately needed for makeup lovers.

Here's what Nikki has to say about this tool.
" The sleek smooth flexible tip magically allows you to reach where normal applicators cannot, whether the tube is square, round, thick or thin, the wand allows you to reach the bottom, sides & shoulders of any tube so you can finally reach all you makeup." (From the box)

Let's be honest girl's, have you ever hated when you go to us your favorite lip gloss the applicator can't reach the rest and all you can do is stare at the last of you last of the product and then just throw it away. I know that is definitely my reason for not buying lip glosses any more.

Nikki has definitely answered very makeup junkie/artist's dream with this innovative tool that allows you to reach the last 15-20% of your makeup. The wand is a simple rubber tip it's very flexible and works like a squeegee. It's soft enough to apply any makeup directly to your face and it's so easy to clean. It comes in a stylish sleek tube.

This product is definitely a must have for every makeup lover. I love it, ever since I'v received it I've been using it for my lip gloss and I definitely have been spreading the word about this among my family and friend.
Have I sparked your interest about this product? If so check it out here. Also if you would like to gt in contact with Nikki here are here links: twitter  & facebook, and don't forget to tell her that I sent you.

That is it for this review and a huge thank you to Nikki for bringing this amazing product into my life! <3 I will talk to you guys soon, have a wonderful day.

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