Sunday, July 28, 2013

Midnight Velvet Review/Giveaway


 Are you a lover of mineral makeup but can't seem to find a brand that has natural pigmented products? Well you are in luck, today I'm going to introduce you to Midnight Velvet. Midnight Velvet's makeup collection is called M. Vie, they're products have natural micronized mineral pigments including vitamin A& E infused with a lavender-based aromatherapy. You can also buy everything in this kit individually.

In their collection they have a Mineral Makeup Starter Kit, which I am going to be review for you. This kit has so many shades so you are bound to find a kit that matched your skin tone. I got mine in Med/Deep. The kit contains a powdered foundation, blush, lipstick, kabuki brush and mini mineral mist that come in a beautiful black lace makeup bag. Everything in the kit is designed to go with your shade. So if you are interested in learning more about these items and what I have to say then just keep reading. Also at the end of this post are the rules for a lovely giveaway.

Mineral Foundation Powder:

 "Less is really more with mineral makeup. Because we use all natural pigments instead of dyes, a little goes a long way. When you first apply the mineral foundation with the small kabuki brush it will look very sheer. But as it sits on your skin the color will develop. You need to give it a minute and you will start to see that beautiful, natural coverage. For fuller coverage repeat application and coverage will build."

This is my first time using a powder foundation. However, I used it with an open mind since I do love my liquid foundations. My skin at the moment is anything but perfect so after I applied this and waited I excepted to see nothing glamorous. When I looked into the mirror my skin was glowing but the coverage was light so I  applied a bit of concealer on my imperfections and went back in with another application and I loved the way my face looked. This foundation is very light weight and just looks so natural. I definitely am going to be replacing my tinted moisture for this during these summer days.

Small Kubuki Brush:

"This brush is designed with the finest hairs & specifically shaped to apply the foundation smoothly & evenly."
I love that this brush is so soft & dense. It definitely grabs the right amount of product, but I still love my Elf powder brush for applying powder. However, this brush is great for putting it in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day.


"This product is very concentrated with high quality natural pigment. A little goes a long way"

The color I received is called Maple Leaf, it's like a reddish-brown color. I honestly didn't think I would like this color but I did ending up liking it. It's just so pretty once you apply it. Trust me all you need is a little bit these things are crazy pigmented but luckily they are so easy to blend out just in case you applied to much.


"Our lipstick is a creamy formula infused with vitamin A & E designed to condition the lips. The lipstick contains a high quality pigment providing you with a beautiful long lasting lip color."

The color I received is called Persimmon. Looking at the lipstick it looks kind of pinkish-red with a hint of coral. The lipstick is super creamy, moisturizing and pigmented. When they say long lasting they mean it! You can drink with little to no transfer on your glass and as it fades it becomes a beautiful stain on your lips. This color is now one of my summer go-to lipsticks.

Mini Mineral Mist:
"Once your makeup is complete spray your entire face with the Mini Mineral Mist to set the makeup. Feel free to mist throughout the day to freshen your face and breathe in the lavender aromatherapy for a moment of relaxation."

When you spray this mist onto your face it gives you a lovely dewy look. It really does keep makeup in place, I can't tell you exactly for how many hours but enough to go out and run errands in this ridiculously hot weather. The only thing I don;t like is the smell you. When you spray you get a nose full of lavender and I didn't like it one bit. However once the mist disperse you can't smell anything.

So that is it for this review and now onto the give-away!!!! The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Midnight Velvet. They have amazing things, check out their website. This giveaway is for Us residents only. The giveaway will end August 26 at 11:59 pm Central .
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Disclosure: These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes only. These are my honest opinions. Midnight Velvet is sponsoring this give-away.

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