Friday, November 23, 2012

8 Bit Cosmetics: Review

These Products were sent to me for reviewing purposes. I received 4 samples and 2 full size eye shadows. They are all minerals and come in amazing colors.These eye shadows are super pigmented, without a base so imagine how they will look with a base underneath! They are easy to blend which is always good. You can intensify the colors by adding more.The glitter eyeshadow, I thought was just a really shimmery eye-shadow but it's just glitter. Most of the shadows are matte, however, not all are.They are very affordable, for a sample size they are $1.00 for 0.5 grams and for a full size it's $4.00 for 2 grams. The samples come in little baggies and the full size come in a little container with a sifter. Some of the eye shadows are vegan and some aren't. On their facebook page and website they say which are and aren't. So if you're looking for vegan eye shadows these are for you.  The owner, Nicole, is amazing! She'll reply to your message within hours and is super friendly, so you'll be getting excellent customer service. Overall, these eye shadows  are amazing as well as the company! And if you don't believe me you should definitely check them out yourself and if you do tell her Tori sent you. :) I will be doing more looks using these so keep a look out for that and as always have a super amazing day!

Left: with only primer
Right: with a white base

Indigo-The Core
Armature- Brassy Bits
Apocalyptic-Everyone's A Hero
Smashing Pots-Ooo Shiny
Bat Ass Ginger- Everyone's A Hero
Protege-  Everyone's A Hero

*Disclaimer: These eyeshadows were sent to me for reviewing purposes. This is my honest opinion.

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