Saturday, November 10, 2012

Favorite Nail Polishes + Mini Review

So I know I've never done a favorites post but I love these polishes so much I thought I spread the word and show y'all what I'm digging at the moment. :)

So I believe it was a couple of weeks ago that I went to Dollar General with my mom. I love looking at makeup their since most of it is like a dollar. Anyway they were having a sale on L.A Colors' Nail polish. I've never used their nail polish and I'm a bit picky when it comes to nail polish since I'm always wearing it. Anyways, I was looking at the colors and by looking at them they look really watery like water paint. You know how you have to keep going over it to make it dark. Well I took a chance with it and bought a black nail polish, it's called Circuits. I will say it totally proved me wrong. It came out dark, there were like a little bit of lightness but doing two coats and it's as dark as the night sky. This polish lasted me almost a whole week without chipping and I love that.

The Rest of these polishes are from Milani, I've purchased two and the others I've received from a giveaway. The colors are called Sail Away, Beach Front, Silver, and Silver Stilettos. These colors are so pretty! All you need is one coat and you're good to go. Also they do dry pretty fast, so that's a plus. They do last almost a week as well. I absolutely adore these polishes. These nail polishes cost $4.49 and the Silver one since it's Jewel FX Nail Lacquer it cost $4.99. You can find these at Walmart.

Sail Away is more of a navy blue with gold shimmer in it.

Beach Front is a baby blue with silver shimmer in it.

Silver is just glitter decorations to add to your nails.

Silver Stilettos is just a silver nail polish with shimmer in it.

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