Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introducing Mallzee: The Perfect Online Mall

How many websites do you visit when online shopping? I usually visit 3-4 different websites looking for the things that I want. How awesome would it be to get everything you want on one site? It would be pretty amazing and luckily that website does exist! It's call Mallzee. Mallzee is all about creating a new experience for online shopping. 

You create your own mall by picking your favorite stores and brands and it picks things you might be interested in off your personal style! One of the amazing things about this website is when you invite a friend to your mallzee, you as the "owner" get payed every time they purchase something from you and this isn't just limited to your friend it goes for anyone buying things from your mallzee!It's like your getting paid to shop, which I;m sure is every girl's dream.

This website will be up in running sometime in 2013. So far they have over 200 brands signed up: Urban Outfitters, New Look, Feel Unique and St. Tropez to name a few. Right now they have a competion going on you can win $155 (£100). So if you are interested in this website check it out. 

Mallzee (link to website)

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