Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Katherine & Elizabeth: Welcome to the Fashion World

Have you ever heard about Katherine and Elizabeth? Katherine and Elizabeth is a new online fashion store! Now, before I talk about the amazing items they sell, allow me to give you some insight on how this website came to be as well as some information on the owners.

Katherine and Elizabeth are more than just owners and business partners, they are also sisters!  They were always meant to have a business of their own as kids they tried all kinds of money making schemes, but a trip to New York, specifically Fifth Avenue, set them to act on their dream to have a business of their own and becoming part of the fashion world.

Now let’s talk about their website and the items they sell. First off as soon as you’re on the homepage you get an instant coupon for free shipping. Who doesn't love that? Also if you enter your email in a little pop up box you get $15 off your purchase. The website is very simple and easy to navigate. You find what you need fast! The main tabs are on the top and the others are below. As an online shopper I believe easy navigation is key! I absolutely love their site.

Now let’s talk about the exciting part of this post, the clothes!!! I absolutely fell in love with almost everything I saw. The clothes are super trendy, sexy, chic, classy and very high fashion. I'm very picky when it comes to clothes so if I love them I know every girl will love them. There are different styles, so there is something that everyone will like and also the size of the items range. At the moment they sell dresses, tops, and bottoms: shorts, pants and skirts. Also during the month of April if you use the code: 10APRIL, you get 10% off your order. Now I will give you guys a preview of items they sell and just a little fyi these are some of my favorites from the site.

I hope you guys like what you see if so, be sure to check out their website: and follow their social media websites: FacebookTumblrTwitter and Instagram.  Be sure to tell them Victoria sent you. As always have a fabulous day.
Xoxo Victoria

*Disclosure: I was asked by Katherine to write a post for their store and I'm getting compensated for it as well. However, that does not affect my view on their store or items, these are my honest thoughts.

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