Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY: Valentine's Day Room Decor

Hello my lovely angels!! Today I am going to show you some easy do it yourself room decorations ideas. I only did two projects and I love the way my room looks. I also have a video that shows you the steps instead you don't understood my written instructions, :)

Hanging Hearts:

So for this project you are going to need a couple of things: construction paper, yarn or string, glue, tape or a hot glue gun, and scissors.

* Now first your going to get the construction paper and begin to fold it. You can fold it portrait style for longer strips or landscape for smaller strips. I did a mixture of both. Your gonna fold it in half, then again, and until you can't anymore or your desired thickness.

* Now you are just going to cut the strips.

* You are going to get a strip add glue towards the bottom and fold over connecting the ends. You basically are going to do this to all the strips and this is going to create half of the heart.

* Then along the top you are going to add glue but don't do it all the way start from the bottom and go about half way. Then quickly apply the yarn or string over the glue.

* Finally you are just going to add glue on both sides of the string grab another half heart and apply it on the glue. Now you are just going to do this and add as many hearts to one string I added 3.

"I Love You" Banner

So for this project you are going to need: 3 white papers, colors, scissors, glue or sting and yarn.

* You are going to start by folding the papers in half.

* Then you are going to cut the papers in half, you are going to need 5 sheets.

* Now the fun part, on 3 of the papers you are going to draw a big heart and in them you are going to put "I love you" and on 2 sheets you can draw random things I drew a heart and a flower.

* Now you are just going to color everything.

* So to attach the papers to a string you are going to be working backwards. I add glue to the back of the paper that has "you" and quickly put the string over the glue. Then with however much space you want between these pictures I used the width of my hand you are going to put one of the random drawings, followed by the paper with "love", then the final random drawing and finally ending with "I".

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