Saturday, August 25, 2012

BH Cosmetics

I had purchased many items from BH Cosmetics a couple of months of go through a sale they were having. I've been trying to review them but every time I am going to something comes up and I have to delay the review. So with out further to do let's get started.

 The first thing I'm going to review is the 120 4th edition pallet. This pallet consists of mostly shimmery colors. However, some are not as shimmery as others. These colors are so vibrant and gorgeous. When you put a white base under them the colors becomes even brighter as you will see from my swatches. I will admit I  have not used all the colors from the pallet. I give this one two thumbs up it is worth the buy, especially when they are on sale.

L: Without a base R: With a white base

The second pallet I bought was the 88 Matte pallet and if you seen my tutorials you'll know that this is my favorite pallet. I love the colors they are so bright and just gorgeous. A little goes a long way. When used over a white base the colors become more intense. The only disappointment with this pallet is the yellow isn't as bright as I would want it to be. Also,another thing that is a disappoint with all their pallets is that the glue that holds the eye-shadows in place isn't very good I have two eye-shadows, one in each pallet, that pops out, but if you can live with that then the pallets are amazing. This is also another great buy since the colors are so amazing.
L: Without Base R: With a white base

I had gotten three eyeliners from them as well. The gel eyeliner is amazing it stays all day and doesn't budge at all,which is awesome the one I got is in onyx. However,the only thing that I do not like is that it is not as dark as I want it to be I have to go over it with an eye-shadow to make it dark.

I got the liquid eyeliner pen. That one is my absolute favorite. It easy to use and can give me a thin line when I want one or a thick line. It is amazing. It's budge proof as well which is good for this crazy Texas weather. I would say it is a must buy from them.

Finally,the last eyeliner I bought was their pencil liner in frost. I regret buying this. It doesn't show up on my waterline when I use it. So I tried to use it as a base to get my money's worth out of it. It hurts to do so, but of course I would probably keep trying to find some way to use it. I don't like this liner I don't know if the other ones are good so I can't speak for their whole collection all I know is that Frost isn't worth the buy. It's completely awful!
Swatches: Gel, Liquid pen, Frost

The last things I bought were two of their lip glosses. I got Studious and 80's Diva. Studious is more of a very light almost nude pink it's super pretty. 80's Diva is a very hot pink color, more or less and I love it.Out of these two my go to color is Studious. Both glosses are great in terms of color payout. The only things that I do not like is that they have that sticky feel to them and the colors don't last that long. I think they are great for the price they are sold at. I would probably try other colors from their collection.
Top: Studious Bottom: 80's Diva


  1. Oh man, i've really been hoping to try out some of BH cosmetics products. I am jelly. I think I have a lot of other eyeshadows to go through though before i can justify buying a big eyeshadow palette though.

    1. When I fist bought them I had a bunch of eye-shadows to go through as well but I just bought them since they have ever color you could possibly need. :)